Sustainability is a natural part of the toss load-Trend philosophy, and it has been since our founding in 1960. This was before the term “sustainability” had even been coined. Throughout our history, we have remained firmly committed to developing technologies that support our customers’ desire for better efficiency and more sustainable manufacturing — all while continuously focusing on the sustainability of our own operations.

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Since our founding in 1960, we have always focused on the ideals of sustainability. We continue to aspire to not only minimize our impact, or Footprint, on the environment, but also to leverage our expertise and innovation capability to maximize our customers’ sustainability, which becomes our Handprint. In toss load-Trend’s Sustainability Report, we share with you our approach to delivering on our commitment to sustainability through our advanced technology, environmentally conscious products and a laser-focus on efficiency. View or 10bet ,download the toss load-Trend 2019 Sustainability Report.

“From our inception, our deep-rooted values have been in sync with the same future-focused commitment that is so vital to sustainability. We are proud to carry these beliefs from our heritage through to our tomorrows.”

888 poker with friends,Our work and passion centers around making the process as waste-free and safe as possible, and our desire to innovate paves the road ahead in the following areas.

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football results and fixtures,In our own operations, we continually look for ways to utilize more environmentally responsible materials. In addition, we source materials locally and establish processes to operate near where the end product will be used. We focus on how we can improve our customers’ efficiency and processes, reduce their cycle times and waste, and improve HSE aspects of their facilities.

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Our systems center on only producing products in precisely the required quantity and time frame, so as to not create waste. Our products are designed to reduce or eliminate the production of scrap parts while extending the time between necessary cleanings.,bet365 com cricket mobile

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football betfair trading strategies,The energy required within our operations is relatively low when compared with other industrial organizations, yet we strive to reduce this level even further through active measures and equipment upgrades. Our customers enjoy reduced energy consumption through the greater efficiencies provided by our products.

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football betting reddit,Within our own facilities, and at those of our customers, emissions are reduced through the increased focus on water-based technologies, productivity improvements, and increased use of energy-efficient equipment and processes. This extends to how we source raw materials and supply our products to customers.

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In our own facilities, our focus is on reducing water usage and wastewater. This is done through thoughtful examination of processes and facilities management. At our customers’ facilities, we provide products that require less frequent cleaning operations, potentially further reducing their water consumption.,bet365 apk atualizado 2021

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blen betting,Our well-ingrained health and safety culture is at the forefront of all our activities, and our initiatives have been recognized repeatedly by various industry groups. Our continued development activities have improved health and safety across industries by providing products that are both safer to use and reduce risks to worker health.


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football betting reddit,Our Footprint relates directly to our operations around the globe: our facilities, our offices, the safety of our people, the raw materials we use, the waste we create, and the logistics we leverage to get materials and supplies to and from our facilities to our customers. In essence, our Footprint is how our business activity impacts people and the planet.

free slot games for ipad,At toss load-Trend, we take a very proactive approach to minimizing our sustainability Footprint. Our global Sustainability team’s strong culture of responsibility drives us to continually look for ways to improve our own operations and our effect on the environment.


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Along with the internal, or Footprint, KPIs, we are keen to actively enhance the sustainability of our customers, or Handprint. To facilitate this, we created our own Sustainability Scorecard, which we use to determine if newly developed products will contribute to overall sustainability goals. This scorecard looks at both angles of the process. It weighs the benefits of enhanced product performance and safety for our customers with the potential environmental impact of our own production operations. If aspects of the new product are not positive, then we will not invest in its development.,paytm rummy

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